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Educate Ethiopia is dedicated to keeping 21 Catholic schools located in the North of Ethiopia (Tigray)open for the 6000 children that these schools have been serving for over 100 years. The schools are open to all Religions and Faiths (Christian and Muslim).

We need the help of people and the power of money to keep these schools open. We are encouraging schools across the world to pair up with one of the schools in Ethiopia. In other words, one “wealthy” school in the west supports one school in Ethiopia. (learn more)

Individuals, groups, clubs, businesses, churches, a single class, a confirmation class can sponsor a school. (learn more)

To be responsible for educating an entire school for a year is a pretty wonderful thing to do.

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Celebrating a strong woman who dedicated her life to education
Sister Mary Agnes teaching all of us how important the gift is. Blessing on your retirement Sister, from Bishop Medhin, Priests, Teachers, and the 6000 kids attending the Educate Ethiopia Schools.



Adam Rowbottom "Everyone dies, but no one is dead."

Ethiopian Saying

It is with great sadness that we post this about Adam Rowbottom who passed away this past week unexpectedly in his sleep. Adam was the first young person to venture to Ethiopia to work with the students and schools supported by Educate Ethiopia.
We owe the program start to Adam as he lived and worked several months of his life in order to educate the young people in the schools. He was not a certified teacher, but his personality, love and sporting abilities allowed him to communicate beyond the books. "Many parents are afraid to send their children into the poverty that exists in Ethiopia; Adam made it easier for everyone who followed as they heard the stories of Adam and how he was able to teach students English".

Shelagh Klein
Director of Educate Ethiopia

Every year since Adam's visit there have been young people working with the schools. Thank You Adam for this start because without you, your love of these people and the example you set, this program would not have continued. Adam set the standard.
Abune Tesfaselassie Medhin said of Adam, "a loving young man, with the gift of life and excitement that he shares with our students, he gave them hope " As Yeats said "Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire" Adam lit that fire for the local people in Tigray and for those international students from America, England and Europe who followed.
His funeral will be on 27th July at 2:15 pm at St. John’s Chapel, Oxford Crematorium, followed by a wake at Adam’s favourite pub, The Midget, in Abingdon from 4-6pm. Their will be a simultaneous Mass being said at the Cathedral in Adigrat. Prayers will be offered for his family, friends and the work that Adam started.
In lieu of flowers, Adam's family has asked people to make donations to Educate Ethiopia.
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A tribute to Adam can be read in the Abindon Herald.

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What Are We Doing Here?
The critically acclaimed documentary film examing the role of Western Aid in Africa is now available for purchase through Amazon.

A portion of the proceeds from each purchase will go directly to Educate Ethiopia.

Volunteer Jobs
Internships are available in Ethiopia through Educate Ethiopia and the Catholic Church of Ethiopia. (learn more)

See what schools, churches, and indiviuals are doing to help.
The Sacred Heart Confirmation class of 2009 has received international attention with their dance to "Jai Ho", including a mention on National Public Radio (NPR). Take a look at the article and the dance.

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Three college students spent a month the summer of 2008 speaking english with students in schools throughout the region. Read about their experiences in Ethiopia.

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